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AbraKadabra bee-friendly seedbomb - Zero Waste Party Favour

Guest Post by Krissi from AbraKadabra - handmade magic

Looking for a plastic-free zero waste party favour suitable for all ages with the added benefit of helping to increase vital natural bee habitat, then an eco-friendly seedbomb is the perfect solution.

AbraKadabra - handmade magic

Hi, I’m Krissi and I live in beautiful Wiltshire with my two little ones. I am the proud owner and creator of AbraKadabra - handmade magic. I specialise in handmade seedbombs made from recycled paper and a variety of wildflower seeds.

The seed bombs are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours - they can even be personalised, making them the perfect eco-friendly favour for any event.

Why I started making seedbombs

In Spring 2019 I started making seedbombs after seeing all the paper that just gets shredded and thrown away. In a conscious effort to reduce waste and a growing awareness of the impact that habitat destruction has on the UK’s vital insect population, the idea for AbraKadabra seedbombs was born.

Now, I’m giving the paper a new life and encouraging the planting of more wildflowers. Seedbombs are basically the gift that keeps on giving long after the party.

Perfect plastic-free party bag fillers

Seedbombs make a great plastic-free party bag or Christmas stocking filler. They can also make a lovely grown-your-own activity gift pack together with flower pot and gardening utensils.

Children will love to watch the seedbombs grow, exploring the different flowers and the insects they attract, providing much joy long after the party.

Seedbombs can also make a special wedding favour for your guests that keep on giving and will remind them of your beautiful day.

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What's in a seedbomb?

Made from recycled paper, my eco-friendly seedbombs contain a vast variety of wildflower seeds which are recommended to encourage bees and butterflies.

No two seedbombs are alike; all seedbombs are completely unique and handmade, so you never know which seeds will be in yours or which will germinate in the space you have chosen - it will be a complete surprise!

There are over 30 types of wildflower in the range of seeds used to make the seedbombs; these include Corn Chamomile, Wild Carrot, Field Poppy and beautiful Forget-Me-Nots.

How does a seedbomb work?

It doesn’t matter too much where you plant your seedbomb. They can be planted in flower beds and flower pots in your garden or even just take them on a little walk to a suitable spot. Simply dig a hole, pop a seedbomb in, add water and check for growth a few weeks later.

The best time to plant is in the spring or autumn, but seedbombs can be planted anytime, in half-shade or full sun and in any soil.

The importance of wildflowers

After planting a seedbomb, the flowers will grow all year round, attracting bees and butterflies. These insects play a vital role in our eco-system and we need to grow more wildflower habitat to help them flourish once more.

The UK insect population has been impacted by the increased use of pesticides on crops and loss of habitat: 97% of vital grasslands in the UK have been lost in the past 60 years causing 35 species of bee to be classified as threatened. These grasslands are vital to supporting bee populations who pollinate 75% of our main food crops worldwide. (Source: Friends of the Earth)

Helping the bees

As well as planting seedbombs to increase wildflower habitat, you can also select bee-friendly plants when adding to your garden. For a guide to bee-friendly planting and other tips check out the useful guide from Friends of the Earth.

Where to buy AbraKadabra Seedbombs

Prices start at 50p per seedbomb, with discounts available for orders of 30 seedbombs or more.

The seedbombs come without individual packaging and either just a paper label around them or a backing card printed with the planting guidelines. You can opt to have the seedbombs individually wrapped in tissue paper.

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All images are copyright of AbraKadabra or Kris Brown Photography and used with permission.


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