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Applying for a grant to start a Party Kit in your community

Party kits can be a helpful income source for community groups and organisations, schools, daycares, and even charities aligned with protecting the environment. To help start a kit for hire consider looking into a grants to aid in covering costs of the set up through your local Council or another organisation.

Find a suitable grant to fund your party kit by looking under the headings of Environmental Grants, Community Grants or Small Projects on your local Council website or a directory like Grants Hub. You might find grants available through waste management companies like Suez and Cleanaway too.

For example, environmental grant programs are created to fund projects that can help maintain and enhance the natural environment, address climate change, reduce waste, address litter, provide education, and conserve resources. The establishment of a party kit fulfils a lot of these checkboxes and more, making them a successful project for grant applications.

Depending on the eligibility criteria for the grant your group may need to be registered as a not-for-profit organisation/community group, incorporated body or individual that has been established for 12 months with an ABN (Australian Business Number).

Grants can seem overwhelming, fortunately there is help to guide you through the process. Councils will provide training sessions to make the process easier and this knowledge can still be used even if you need to apply for grants outside Council. Grant organisations can also help assist with any questions or filling out the forms.

Have you applied for a grant with success or have tips for others? Share them with the Party Kit Network facebook group – we'd love to hear your stories.


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