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Australia: Hires during COVID-19 Pandemic

*Updated 26/11/2020*

It is important to us that both party goers and those who operate party kits are kept as safe as possible and so we have decided to provide guidance on hiring party kits during this unusual time. This guidance is reviewed regularly and updated inline with current government advice.

Please note that restrictions and lockdowns differ across Australia so please see the relevant section below before proceeding with a hire. (In the UK? UK Guidelines)

All party kits are operated independently and as such it is at the discretion of the party kit owner as to whether or not they will hire out their kit. We fully support those who have decided to delay restarting their party kit hire. We have not updated our map to show who is currently hiring so please contact your local party kit for more information. We have provided access to relevant health and safety training for all party kit owners.

  • Party kit hire can take place based on the maximum number permitted to gather in each State - please see the relevant State and Territory rules below. We will not lend to illegal gatherings.

  • Please use online payment where possible, such as PayPal or bank transfer.

  • Food and drinks should not be shared between households and please avoid sharing utensils, dishes and cups.

  • Please cancel your booking if you or anyone in your household has a positive test for COVID-19 or has experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days; this includes a cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell.

  • Please do not arrange to hire a kit if you are required to quarantine after returning from aboard.

  • Please be aware that your booking may be cancelled if the party kit owner or a member of their household develop any symptoms of COVID-19, have a confirmed case or the local lockdown restrictions change.

  • Summary of the rules regarding gatherings from Monday 26 November 2020:


  • You can meet up in groups of up to 50 people in a public outdoor place from any number of households.

  • You can have up to 15 people visit you at home each day. Infants under 12 months are not included in this cap. Dependents over 12 months of age are included in the 15 person limit

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  • Up to 20 visitors may visit another household at any one time. The total number of visitors includes adults and children. (A member of the household is not counted as a visitor.)

  • There is no daily limit to visitors to your home, so long as you do not have more than 20 visitors at any one time.

  • No more than 30 people can gather outside in a public place which includes public parks, reserves, beaches, public gardens and spaces.

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Can now have 50 people gather in people’s homes, non-residences and outdoor settings. This number includes those who live with you.

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Western Australia

  • The number of people that can attend functions will be determined by the maximum capacity of the venue, based on at least 2 square metres of floor space per person.

  • Gathering limits now only determined by 2 square metre rule.

  • You and your guests should practise physical distancing and ensure there is enough space for 2 square metres per adult or child.

  • the 2 square metre rule will only include staff at venues that hold more than 500 patrons

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South Australia

  • Density requirements are in place. The total number of people at a place must not exceed 1 person per 4 square metres

  • All gatherings must observe the new maximum density requirements.

  • Gatherings at private residences are capped at 10 people, regardless of age (unless more than 10 people permanently live there).

  • Private gatherings other than at a residence are capped at 50. Density requirements must be observed.

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Northern Territory

  • There are different requirements depending on the size of your event.

  • Events with less than 100 people do not require completion of a checklist or safety plan, however physical distancing and hygiene principles should still be considered and implemented.

For information on events and those with over 100 guests please visit this website


  • There is no limit on household visitation

  • Public gatherings can be a maximum of 100 people (excluding staff, trainers and spectators), with one person per 4 square metres of usable space in both indoor and outdoor spaces (whichever is lesser).

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Gatherings at households – including shacks – are limited to up to 40 visitors at any one time, not including residents of the household.

The household gathering limit of 40 visitors applies to all private residences including your house, shack or property. The limit applies whether the gathering is taking place indoors or outdoors.

The household gathering limit of 40 visitors applies to all types of gatherings that are held at a residential premises including barbecues, celebrations and events.

The maximum density limit aims to prevent the crowding of people in a space. A premises must not have a density of more than 1 person per 2 square metres of floor space. This means an operator must not allow people to enter or stay on the premises (indoor or outdoor) if the size of the premises is insufficient to allow for 2 square metres of space for each person.

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