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Guest Post: New card game for kids with sustainable living message

Guest post by Shiri from Helpful Kids

Created by Shiri Atsmon (L.L.B, M.B.A) founder of Helpful Kids, Eco Warriors is a new educational card game aimed at children aged 5-12 and would make a wonderful birthday gift for the eco-conscious family.

Helping children learn life skills

The Eco Warriors game encourages children to take care of their home and belongings with a focus on making more planet-friendly choices. The engaging rhymes and colourful illustrations will delight children and the game can be expanded to a treasure hunt around the home.

Your child will learn lots of new behaviours and habits that will benefit the planet, and help them to stay organised and tidy too!

Learning about sustainability

The cards discuss 20 ways children can help at home. They include suggestions for reducing our impact on the World with tips on how to reduce our use of water, electricity, plastic, chemicals and paper through changes to daily activities and behaviours.

Kids are encouraged to take action independently and to facilitate this the pack also includes a reward chart and stickers.

All materials including packaging have been carefully resourced to reduce their environmental impact. The cards are printed in the UK on recycled paper.

Empowering children to become part of the solution

When creating this game, my mission was to empower children to take charge - instead of being victims of Climate Change, become part of the solution.

At Helpful Kids, I've been working to empower children with domestic life skills, but I wanted to extend this to include information about sustainability because I am passionate about fighting Climate Change. I wanted to harness my expertise in teaching children domestic life skills to benefit the environment, while encouraging confidence, well-being, character development, daily habits and ability to make a positive impact. As Greta Thunberg so aptly said: "No one is too small to make a difference".

How Helpful Kids was born

My background as a consumer behaviour researcher has given me the opportunity to explore family household management dynamics in areas including laundry, cooking and cleaning for leading household care and food brands.

Over time, I began to notice that I was frequently encountering parents who were finding it difficult to get their children to help around the home.

I wanted to find a way to avoid these struggles and instead I sought peaceful methods that would enrich the lives of the whole family.

Leaving no book unread, I began my quest. I realised that my professional knowledge of habit formation and behavioural change science has many tools to lend to this cause. I started to test my ideas on my own three children (who are now aged 10-16).

This project launched Helpful Kids, London. As well as developing the Eco Warriors game, I now deliver workshops and training to parents. I am always filled with joy each time I see parents empowered and inspired by our programmes.

Education partnership

Helpful Kids is collaborating with eduCCate Global, an organisation that trains teachers to become Climate Change teachers and is accredited by the UN. Our cards will be offered to schools together with mini reads teaching children about climate change.

Responsible business commitment

I have carefully sourced our product and all the materials are as eco-friendly as possible.

The game’s flashcards, clues and instructions are made from 100% recycled card which are deliberately left uncoated rather than having a coating made of plastic; this does make them less sturdy than the flash cards you may be used to.

The box is also made from recycled material and the bags made from cotton. All parts are printed in the UK reducing the transportation carbon footprint of our products.

Reaction to Eco Warriors game

The Eco Warriors game was launched in November 2019 to a great response.

Kirsty, who runs party kit Green Bean Eco Packs said:

"We've been enjoying our new Eco Warriors game and the little ones have been learning lots and earning rewards! The game has been great - it's prompted a lot of conversations and the lights are constantly being turned off, brilliant!" (Children aged 3 & 6)

Addy, an Etsy customer said:

"Brilliant game! Both educational AND fun! Bought it for Christmas and had lots of fun playing it with my kids." (Children aged 4-9)

Where to buy Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors is available online from the Helpful Kids Etsy store

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Offer Terms: Valid only for orders shipped to the UK.

All images are copyright of Helpful Kids and used with permission.



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