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How To Create A Themed Party Kit

A guest post by Party Kit Network member Beth Roberts, co-founder of Little Kits, which supplies themed children’s party kits for hire in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

If you’re thinking of starting a party kit, you can of course just keep it generic, but at Little

Kits we absolutely love a theme! My business partner, Natalie and I have always enjoyed

the process of putting together party themes for our own children and we’ve been able to

transfer that passion into the business.

Over the last nine months, we’ve built up a collection of ten themes for hire and loved every minute of it, but we have learned some important lessons along the way. Here are our top tips on how to create a themed party kit…

Dino Safari theme by Little Kits

Start small and build

If you’re anything like us, you’re brimming with ideas and raring to go, but our advice would

be to not rush in with lots of different themes to begin with. Choose two or three – perhaps

one aimed at girls, one aimed at boys and a unisex theme – and see how they go down with

your customers. As you get more bookings in, you can reinvest and build your portfolio of

themed kits as your business grows.

Pinterest is your best friend

If you’re not brimming with ideas and you need a little inspiration to get started, Pinterest

really is the best place to visit. Simply search the specific themed party and you’ll be able to

scroll through hundreds of photos that will spark your creativity in no time. Some things

won’t fit the sustainability message (balloons are obviously a no-no!) but you’ll be able to

take some ideas and make them fit the reusable party kit brief in style.

Flamingo Fiesta theme by Little Kits

Go classic and timeless

While it can be tempting to go with the latest fad or trend, the best way to ensure longevity

for your business is to choose themes that will stand the test of time. Most children go

through similar phases or interests as they grow up, such as dinosaurs, space, unicorns and

princesses, so stick to these more generic ideas rather than specific characters. If you do

choose a theme around a film, TV show or computer game, make sure it’s a much-loved

classic and be aware of licensing laws. (Party Kit Network has a guide to avoiding trademark issues in the Members Area).

Follow a template for each kit

Before you begin, have an idea of what you want each of your kits to include and keep that

template for all themes. It not only makes it easier when you come to put together a new

kit, but it also makes pricing and marketing more simple as each kit comes with roughly the

same items. For example, our kits include a backdrop, bunting, tablecloth, table props, cake

stand, serving ware, plates, cups and bowls. We generally stick to that formula and it works.

Blast Off! theme by Little Kits

Invest in quality

It was a wise person that said, “buy cheap, buy twice.” If you scrimp on items in your kit,

you’ll ultimately end up having to replace it sooner than you’d like and defeating the whole

point of the Party Kit Network’s mission to make parties more sustainable! Remember that excited little party guests do not necessarily have gentle hands, so invest in quality items

that will last being hired out again and again.

Hand make if you can

I’ll admit that I am very lucky to have a super-crafty and creative business partner who is an

absolute whizz with a sewing machine, as well as a husband that is very handy with a piece

of wood! Natalie hand makes the majority of the bunting and backdrops in our kits, plus lots

of other bits and pieces such as food labels and party favours, so we know that they are top

quality and completely unique. If you can turn your practical skills to anything handmade,

we recommend you do so, or alternatively try finding a local company that you can

collaborate with.

Enchanted Picnic theme by Little Kits

Create new from old

You don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to introduce a new theme. Look at

the themes you have already and see what you can build if you re-purpose the items. Our

tropical kit borrows a number of items from our dinosaur kit, while our rainbow and unicorn

theme can easily be turned into a princess party with a few tiny tweaks. Don’t forget not to

book both themes out at one time though!

Think beyond kids’ parties

If you’re really clever with your themes, you can market beyond children’s parties and cater

for other events such as baby showers, milestone adult birthdays, hen parties and even

weddings. Simple things like switching out the ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting for ‘Hello Baby’ or

removing child-focussed table props in favour of more grown-up centrepieces can transform

the entire kit. Our rainbow kit has been used at an intimate garden party wedding

reception, while our tropical theme has been really popular for hen weekends. There is

really no end to where your party kit can be used!

For more information on Little Kits, visit or find us on Instagram @littlekitsuk



Eco-friendly parties

Party kits are an easy, convenient and often cheaper way of accessing reusable tableware and decorations for a party. 

Make your next party a little more eco-friendly and hire a party kit. 

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