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Planning an eco-friendly Coronation Celebration

On 6 May 2023 the UK will celebrate the coronation of HM King Charles III. The longest serving Prince of Wales will finally be crowned king.

This comes less than a year after we celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee commemorating her 70 years on the throne.

King Charles has long been a champion for the protection of the environment, frequently taking out his sons William and Harry litter picking on holidays as children.

For Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953 street parties were held across the UK. While it has been announced that King Charles's coronation will be a modernised version of his mother's, many of us will be again celebrating with street parties. But whether you will be out in the street, hosting a garden party, heading to the park or just perhaps gathering around the telly, here are some tips for a more eco-friendly celebration.

Lowering the carbon footprint of your party

When approaching eco-friendly celebrations with the aim of reducing your impact on the planet, here are the main questions to ask yourself when planning a party:

  1. Can I borrow this rather than buying? Each time we borrow and reuse an item rather than buying a new one we can easily lower our carbon footprint. It reduces demand for new resources and can also make hosting a party more affordable. Ask friends and neighbours if they can help lend items or try requesting via local sharing groups or lending libraries.

  2. Can I make a change to reduce waste? Parties can be very wasteful but with a couple of changes you can dramatically reduce the amount going into bin bags at the end of the event. Switching to reusable tableware is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper plates and plastic cups. You can hire reusable tableware from local party kits or ask guests to bring their own.

  3. Can I make it? You don't have to be the most crafty to benefit from a bit of do-it-yourself. Whether it's decorations or party food, often making items yourself is both cheaper and better for the planet. Here are some ideas for easy eco-friendly decorations.



Eco-friendly parties

Party kits are an easy, convenient and often cheaper way of accessing reusable tableware and decorations for a party. 

Make your next party a little more eco-friendly and hire a party kit. 

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