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Ways to give toys a second chance

Having a post-birthday or post-Christmas declutter? Too many toys you just don’t know what to do with?

At the Party Kit Network we are very passionate about reusing things and keeping stuff out of landfill, so here are some suggested ways to give toys a second chance in the UK.

Donating toys in good condition

If you have toys or books which are in a good condition, here are some places you could donate them:

  • Donate toys and books to your local playgroup (check your local community centre or church halls), local toy library, a childminders or children’s services

  • Donate toys and books to your local Women’s Aid services who support families who have suffered domestic violence

  • Donate plastic toys and books to your local doctors surgery or hospital for their waiting rooms

  • Donate to a local baby bank

  • Donate teddies or soft toys to the Teddy Trust who send thousands of teddies every year to children in distress around the world, including Syria, Kurdistan, Malawi and Zimbabwe

  • Donate toys to The TOY Project who get toys to people who need them

  • Donate toys to Toys 4 Life who export toys to third world countries and socially deprived area where people are unable to afford new toys

  • Give to a local charity shop or local charities working with families including refugee families

  • Ask via the local Facebook parents group or community group if anyone is collecting for a family in need

  • Gift via your local Freegle or Freecycle group, or via the Young Planet App

  • Save the item and regift another child

Selling toys in good condition

If you’d like to sell your old toys and books try…

Toys with broken or missing pieces

If the toy is broken but may be repairable try taking it along to your local repair cafe.

If the toy is missing a piece, try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have a missing parts replacement service.

Or there's a great Facebook group for finding or offering pieces to complete a set: The Missing Piece Facebook group.


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