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Helping to make parties more sustainable


Hire a Party Kit

Our network of party kits makes it easy to switch to reusable tableware

The benefits of party kits...

We've launched a new campaign!

Running from September 2023, we are offering UK-based primary schools and preschools the chance to win a complete party kit. 

Want to get involved?

If you already run a party kit or would like to set one up for your community, please join us! 

Download our FREE Get Started guide or join one of our online Meet Ups filled with everything we've learnt about running a party kit.


"Sharing, reusing, connecting what we already have with our neighbours makes the Party Kit Network a truly eco friendly alternative."



The Rogue Ginger blogger & author


"Reusable party kits are such a beautifully simple idea and a total no-brainer when it comes to planet-friendly parties!"



Sustainable(ish) blogger & author

Our impact... 686,458 single-use items avoided (so far!)

Since July 2020 we have asked our members to log the number of single-use items avoided through the hire of their party kits. We've now logged at least 686k disposable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery that have not been purchased and gone to landfill because of our members' collective action against waste. 

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New Celebration Tee

To celebrate our 5th birthday, we have launched a new t-shirt design. Get yours now!


The Party Kit Network is a nonprofit organisation working to make parties more sustainable. We are passionate about making an affordable, practical alternative to single-use tableware an accessible option. 

We aim to connect party organisers with their local party kit. Each party kit is run independently. We have established networks in the UK and Australia and now welcome members from all over the world.

Please help us to support the people making parties more sustainable

We've been featured by...

"It's everything a zero waste initiative should be - practical, economical and joyful."



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