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What is a party kit?


A party kit contains reusable tableware like plates, bowls, and cups.


Many party kits include reusable decorations, table linen and more!


All party kits are lent locally by individuals, small businesses and community projects.


​Switching to reusables reduces both the carbon footprint of your party and the waste going to landfill.

A practical and eco-friendly alternative to disposables

How does it work?









Find your local party kit

Avoid waste at your gathering by borrowing what you need from your local party kit.

Benefits of a party kit



Borrow everything you need in one box


Save Money

Don't buy disposables to throwaway



Reusables are just as colourful and FUN!


Reduce Waste

Save 100+ single-use items from landfill


A party kit is a box containing reusable plates, cups and more - everything needed for for a colourful party with zero the waste. After each hire, the equipment is returned to be used again and again. 

Hiring a party kit is often cheaper than buying disposable partyware from the supermarket and many offer a washing up service.

Some kits are lent for free with just a refundable deposit, while others are run as fundraisers or part of small businesses. The average price per place-setting is around 50p / AUD$1, but it does vary depending on the equipment included with the kit. 

Party kits come in a variety of sizes and are normally lent for 1-3 days per hire. 


But what about that plastic? Some party kits offer moulded bamboo, enamel, melamine or crockery tableware, but most have plastic plates.


As well as being easy to clean and safest for little ones, none of the plastic found in a party kit is single-use. We hope that party kit equipment is used many times, but at end-of-life plastic tableware can be recycled via fully traceable recycling schemes in the UK, and we hope to find similar solutions in other countries. 

What people say...


“Fantastic service! Saved time, and the planet. Super responsive to my needs and it was so great to hand the dirty dishes back!”

— Anastasia 

Hired Sustainable Celebrations, Newcastle Australia


“Brilliant idea, made even better by a fabulous service, great quality product... unbelievable value. Highly recommend!”

— Zoe 

Hired Green Bean Eco Party Packs,
Harpenden UK

Want to get involved?

If you would like to set up a party kit for your community, download our Getting Started Guide...


What's the problem with disposables?

Party plates, even paper ones, can’t be easily recycled due to mixed materials and contamination from food waste. This means they end up in general waste - either going to landfill or for incineration. 

In landfill it can take 5 - 20 years for a paper plate to breakdown; that's a long time after a short use at a single party.

A more sustainable alternative is plastic-free compostable plates. However many will only breakdown in industrial composters (so not in your compost at home or in landfill). Compostable plates still require resources and transportation for a single-use.

Image by Li-An Lim

Why does it matter?

By creating less waste, we reduce pressure on local authorities waste management services.

We reduce the risk of disposables entering the environment to become litter or marine pollution, endangering wildlife.

We avoid the carbon emissions from the manufacture and transportation of thousands of single-use items.


By switching to reusables we avoid leaving a waste legacy for our children’s future.

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