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The magic of hiring a themed party package

For many of us, organising a kid’s birthday party can be pretty stressful. It’s easy for even the most organised of us to get quickly overwhelmed. Balancing the birthday child’s expectations, managing the costs and dealing with any anxiety over what others might think, can make party planning a challenge. And there’s the added pressure of creating a celebration that will form happy memories for our child.

The more creative may enjoy coming up with activities and creating beautifully themed decorations. But not all of us have the time to deliver a well-curated theme together with engaging party activities for our kids.

So what if there was a way to create a fun memorable party without the stress? Packaway Parties have created a party rental solution for the UK which does just that.

Themed parties made easy

Four young children enjoy dressing up for a pirate themed party

It is possible to rent a complete party package. It has everything you need to keep the kids entertained and create a party worthy of an Instagram square. The packages are delivered to your door and then returned again via courier after the party.

Packaway Parties offers a wide range of themes - whether your child is interested in: Encanto, Peppa Pig, LEGO, Harry Potter and more, there’s a theme available to fit their interests.

Renting rather than buying often works out more affordable (and much easier!) than trying to pull together a party from a panicked scroll through Amazon. Buying things individually can quickly add up and it’s easy to spend more than you budgeted.

Packages are created for a specific age group making it easier to ensure activities are appropriate and engaging for your guests, saving time. It doesn’t matter if you’re having the party in a hall or at home, the package will work just as well.

What you will find in a party pack

Packaway Parties themed kit

Whichever theme you pick, there will be handmade decorations and props to help transform your party space into a beautiful celebration creating the perfect atmosphere for a unique fun-filled party.

Now, the next bit is where renting a party package really pays off - the party plan. Each package includes a comprehensive set of instructions to help you run the party and keep the mini guests entertained. With a focus on detail, the party plan helps create a fabulous party with a lot less of the effort and stress.

The party games and crafts are created to fit with the theme and the packages even include the prizes - there is literally nothing else to organise!

And what would a superhero party be with a cape or two? Each package includes quality costumes in keeping with the chosen theme.

With the option to add on filled eco-friendly party bags to the package, all that really needs adding is the children!

Environmental benefits of renting a party package

Reusable jungle headband and tail costumes

Renting a party package not only removes much of the stress of organising a children’s party, it is also much better for the environment.

A lot of the decorations and activities available for birthday parties are disposable. They are used once, maybe twice, and then thrown away. Much is difficult to recycle and often made of plastic which will sit in landfills for hundreds of years after the party’s done.

Renting a package is an easy way to access reusable items which can be used for many many parties during their lifetime. It is a much greener way to use our planet’s resources and creates a lot less waste. And reusable items, by design, are a much better quality.

The service helps avoid unnecessary packaging and removes the need to store party props on the off chance that your kid wants another pirate party next year. The package is delivered and returned in the same durable storage crate.

In fact, it’s a very similar concept to our party kits, which offer the same benefits but for tableware. By also borrowing a local party kit of reusable tableware for your party you really will be doing your bit for the environment.

What others say about Packaway Parties

Smiling young child wearing a dino costume

“The party was brilliant! It went so well! Everyone was so positive and complimentary - they thought that we had organised all the games so well! It was really well thought out and everything had been considered. The props were really good and so appropriate for each game.”

Gemma, Southampton January 2023

Packaway Parties Offer

Get a free party bag for the birthday child when making a booking using the code PKNPARTYBAG at

[Mainland UK only. Additional delivery charge for NI and some Scottish mainland postcodes.]



Eco-friendly parties

Party kits are an easy, convenient and often cheaper way of accessing reusable tableware and decorations for a party. 

Make your next party a little more eco-friendly and hire a party kit. 

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