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Party Kits for Schools is an initiative that helps UK school communities access eco-friendly reusable tableware and decorations for parties.

Borrowed for a party and then returned to be used again, the party kit concept is a practical and affordable alternative to single-use items like paper plates and plastic cups.

These Awards are run by the Party Kit Network, a non-profit bringing together party kits from across the world to promote the environmental and community benefits of sharing reusable tableware. 


For further information please contact Isabel at

Key Points

  • Party Kits for Schools is open to preschools and primary schools in the UK

  • 3 schools will be awarded a complete party kit for up to 30 guests. The gifted kits includes reusable tableware and bunting. These can then be used by school families and the wider community helping to both reduce waste and raise funds for their school. 

  • Applications open on 8th September 2023 and close 27th October 2023. It is free to apply and anyone can nominate a school.

  • Judges include climate activist Laura Young and the children's book author Ellie Jackson. See all judges

  • In the UK we use an estimated 1.1 billion single-use plates every year - that's nearly 20 per person (source: BBC)

  • By borrowing a party kit for 30 people you can avoid 180 single-use items (based on a kit containing plates, cups, bowls and cutlery for 30 people) 

  • The Party Kit Network CIC ( was founded in 2019 by Isabel Mack. Now with over 600 members across the UK, Australia, Ireland and more, together they have a big impact on waste helping to avoid over 500k single-use items. 

  • Key Links:


More background to the Awards is available here

The 2023 winners are:

  1. Roos C of E Primary School, East Riding of Yorkshire

  2. St Cyrus Primary School, Aberdeenshire

  3. Eccleston Mere Primary School, Lancashire


Social Media Content

Hashtags: #PartyKitsForSchools #PartyKitNetwork

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Suggested caption text:

Win a reusable party kit for your school 💚🥳

The Party Kit Network (@partykitnetwork) has launched a new award to help more school communities in the UK benefit from access to reusable tableware for their parties. 

A party kit is a box of reusable tableware and decorations lent out within the local communities and returned to be used again. Each time a party kit is borrowed it helps avoid unnecessary waste from single-use items like paper plates and plastic cups. This helps to make parties a little more eco-friendly. 

Winning schools will receive a complete party kit for 30 together with support from the Party Kit Network to get the new kit successfully up and running.


There is an additional prize for the school who are awarded the Zero Waste Maman Award sponsored by Cheeky Wipes (@cheekywipes). The winning school will also receive a complete set of Wild Tribe Heroes books (@wildtribeheroes) for the school library with a virtual visit from the author Ellie Jackson. 

To nominate your school for Party Kits for Schools head over to


(Applications open 8th September 2023 and close 27th October 2023. Open to UK preschools and primary schools.)

Hashtags: #PartyKitsForSchools #PartyKitNetwork 


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